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Since we’re a small (but growing) e-commerce company, we rely on third parties to provide EDI services.  We initially went with another NetSuite-savvy EDI provider and the experience has been very frustrating: slow, unresponsive, and slow (yes that slow).  In desperation we contacted B2BGateway and I wish we had done so a long time ago.  EDI is a laborious process by its nature but B2BGateway has made it much easier for us to see what’s happening during the setup process.  They are also much faster than our other provider.  I expect that within the year we will consolidate all of our EDI operations with B2BGateway and we plan on keeping them busy next year as well.”

EDI Acumen Brands                       Jim Kane | CTO 


Arkansas, USA


Various eCommerce Sites

Business Challenge

An EDI “Reverse Setup” solution was required to integrate with Acumen Holdings NetSuite Accounts.


B2BGateway developed a unique solution that allowed Acumen Holdings to send Purchase Orders and import Invoices directly into NetSuite.


B2BGateway implemented a unique EDI solution quickly and at low cost. This effectively removed a very large amount of manual processing saving Acumen Holdings time and money.



Acumen Holdings trading as Acumen Brands is a young aggressive Arkansas E-Commerce organization with total revenues exceeding $50 million. In 2009 the firm acquired a medical uniform business and has since added the following  E-Commerce stores to its portfolio:, and, all offering different forms of apparel and safety work equipment. The firm has also developed Litely Salted an online trivia site and an Online Dermatology Clinic which launched this year.


Acumen Holdings needed an EDI ‘Reverse Set Up’ solution.  They needed to send EDI 850 Purchase Orders and import EDI 810 Invoices from their suppliers and trading partners, rather than vice versa. Finding an EDI ‘Reverse Set Up’ solution proved quite a challenge for Acumen Holdings, who wanted to automate and grow their business in a relatively short time frame.


Acumen Holdings contacted NetSuite’s EDI Partner, B2BGateway.Net to find a solution for their EDI ‘Reverse Set Up’ quandary which was costing them time and money. B2BGateway.Net, NetSuite’s EDI Partner since 2001, developed a unique solution that allowed Acumen Holdings to import an EDI 810 Invoice into NetSuite and match it back to the original EDI 850 Purchase Order that was sent.


The solution as a whole saved a huge amount of manual entry associated with the hand keying of invoices into their NetSuite accounts and freed up much needed company resources and time. This has also paved the way for Acumen Holdings to develop and grow many more E-Commerce sites and to trade with organizations such as Carhartt and the Columbia Sportswear Company. B2BGateway, being NetSuite’s long established EDI Solution Provider Partner, have provided an easy, fully-integrated and cost.

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Since 2001, B2BGateway has been providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & API Connectivity Solutions for NetSuite users. B2BGateway’s cloud-based EDI & API Connectivity solutions allow the NetSuite user to communicate seamlessly with their customers and 3PL’s. We offer both web based and fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions to cater for all market needs and wants (e.g. X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette, oioUBL, XML, VAN, AS2, FTP, etc.). Our Cloud/SaaS based fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions will integrate seamlessly with all NetSuite ERP Solutions.

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