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“Setting up a new Trading Partner is never an issue with B2BGateway.” 

Jaime Contreras | Omar, Inc. 


Omar Medical Supplies


4601 S Cottage Groove, #53452

Chicago IL 60653


Medical Supplies



Omar Supplies is a 100% minority-owned, SBA and MBE-certified company. Established in 1997, we are a distributor and direct importer of a variety of products, including gloves, can liners, protective clothing, towel and tissue, corrugated boxes, safety supplies and equipment.

Omar Supplies sells to many of the country’s Fortune 500 companies, making it one of the nation’s fastest growing minority-owned industrial and medical suppliers. Our clientele includes major corporations, restaurant chains, governmental institutions, schools, and hotels in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and international markets. We have national and international distribution and warehousing capabilities across the country as well as an international sourcing office.

Omar Supplies has won several awards: 
•  Top Small Business Award 2005
•  Top Diversity Owned Business 2004
•  Top African-American Owned Business
•  Top Diversity Owned Business

We are passionate about our business and continue to work hard to build a good client base. At Omar CUSTOMER SERVICE is our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, at the most competitive prices, and at the highest serviceability levels. Omar Supplies is one of the nation’s fastest growing industrial suppliers today. We are passionate about our business and we aim to provide the absolute best for our customers. Customer satisfaction is a critical part of our supply strategy because we are committed to excellence.


Dealing with multiple EDI providers to test with certain trading partners is a huge challenge.  Some of the processes may overlap, while others don’t and it eventually makes the testing process very drawn out if accommodations are not met.


B2BGateway is always able to accommodate testing with other EDI providers.  Upon setting up with B2BGateway, a client is assigned a dedicated Trading Partner Liaison who deals with trading partner testing on your behalf.


“Every time we’ve had to setup a new trading partner, the process is very simple.  I can log into B2BGateway’s client portal, add a new trading partner relationship, fill out the drop down menu for basic information and B2BGateway handles the rest.  If I ever have any trouble or have any questions, I normally deal with Riona who is always excellent to work with.”  Walmart required a need for Omar to use EDI 9 years ago and since then, B2BGateway has been great”.

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Since 2001, B2BGateway has been providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & API Connectivity Solutions for NetSuite users. B2BGateway’s cloud-based EDI & API Connectivity solutions allow the NetSuite user to communicate seamlessly with their customers and 3PL’s. We offer both web based and fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions to cater for all market needs and wants (e.g. X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette, oioUBL, XML, VAN, AS2, FTP, etc.). Our Cloud/SaaS based fully integrated EDI & API Connectivity solutions will integrate seamlessly with all NetSuite ERP Solutions

In addition to our global headquarters in Rhode Island, B2BGateway has offices in Ireland and Australia enabling us to offer unparalleled support across all time zones.
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