Apr 13

Cabela’s EDI is Changing

Effective August 1, 2018, ALL purchase orders for Cabela’s DC and store locations will be generated by Bass Pro Shops systems.

Therefore, all EDI must be migrated to Bass Pro Shops. Vendors participating in Cabela’s drop ship program will continue receiving PO’s as you are currently.

The EDI requirements to support this migration will be per Bass Pro Shops current EDI requirements, which includes the (850) Purchase Order, (810) Invoice, (856) Advance Ship Notice, as well as the UCC-128 Shipping Label. The 753 Routing Request and 754 Routing Response will also be required, which are newly added required Bass Pro EDI transactions.

You should have received information from Bass Pro regarding this. B2BGateway will contact their EDI Department at edisupport@basspro.com on your behalf to confirm that you will be using B2BGateway to help you with this.

Please be aware that the conversion from Cabela’s to Bass Pro Shops EDI system is mandatory, as well as the required EDI transactions noted. Once we’ve reached out to Bass Pro, please log onto your B2BGateway client portal to add Bass Pro as a Trading Partner. Trading Partner setup fees will be assessed as outlined in your B2BGateway contract.

Please note that you are not required to use any other EDI provider to complete this integration, regardless of who Bass Pro uses as an EDI provider. B2BGateway will handle this conversion on your behalf. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Project Manager or the Production Support Team.