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Recapping QuickBooks Connect 2018

QuickBooks Connect 2018 was another successful and entertaining event this year in San Jose, CA.  B2BGateway has been a partner of QuickBooks now since 2002 so it’s always good to re-connect with our partner and colleagues.  B2BGateway has been around since 1999.  We are a global, cloud based EDI &... read more →
Nov 15
Nov 05

Recapping the 2018 Ross SIG Conference in Atlanta, GA

The B2BGateway team recently sponsored and attended the Aptean Ross SIG (Special Interest Group) conference held in Atlanta, GA. Industries represented in the SIG category include Chemicals, Metals & Natural Products, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and Services. The conference provides Ross users with the opportunity to learn about new... read more →
Oct 25

Department Profile: Innovations

B2BGateway is an EDI and API Connectivity Solution Provider.  We transfer documents from point A to point B, plain and simple, and it works!  A lot of people stay true to that famous phrase "If it's not broken, don't fix it".  Well, everyone besides the Innovations Department at B2BGateway. The... read more →
Oct 24
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Oct 15

Retail Excellence Conference 2018

Retail Excellence, the largest retail representative body in Ireland had their 2018 E-Commerce Conference on Wednesday, September 19th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Dublin.  B2BGateway was delighted to attend this event. The event had a very strong presence of highly established E-Commerce companies focusing on developing the retail experience... read more →