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Apr 10
Mar 22

AS2 with Walmart

Question: Hi Louisa, I have just landed a contract to supply Walmart (woohoo!) but they want me to do EDI by using something called AS2. Do you know what AS2 is? Answer: Hi Jim, thanks for the question. Yes, AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a specification intended to ensure the... read more →
Feb 26
Feb 05
Jan 31
Jan 10

EDI 830 Forecasting Schedule

Question: Hi Louisa, I work for an automotive supplier and one of our customers recently stated that they wanted to start sending us an EDI 830 document. Would you be able to explain more about what an EDI 830 is and its purpose? Answer: An EDI 830 (DELFOR in EDIFACT)... read more →
Dec 27