Sep 03

B2BGateway Introduces Full Service EDI Price Bundle For QuickBooks Users

QB-Price-BundleB2BGateway, the leading cloud-based, global EDI solution provider and QuickBooks Gold Developer has just announced a new pricing model for its fully-integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks users. As a full service EDI solution is made up of many different parts (integration, data mapping, software translation, communication protocols, support, etc.), many QuickBooks users felt that they needed a Harvard or Yale degree in mathematics just to work out pricing. They were often quoted, “this is the basic support fee, plus you need to add so many cents per KB, plus an AS2 licence, plus a line item fee, plus… And oh ‘Were you looking for after-hours support? Then add…'”

As the highest rated solution provider on the Intuit Marketplace, B2BGateway’s sales team listened to the market and QuickBooks users and developed an ‘all in’ easy to understand price bundle for the QuickBooks user. The new price bundle covers all the services required to run a seamless, fully integrated EDI solution with 24/7 backup support. Prices start all-in at just $99 per month. If you’re interested in getting pricing information or are looking to sign-up – click here.

If you would like to know more about B2BGateway’s new pricing structure for fully integrated EDI solutions for QuickBooks, please contact B2BGateway today at +1 (401) 491-9595 (US), +353 61 708533 (EU) or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net. You can also visit us online at www.B2BGateway.Net.

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