Apr 15

What is it like to work at B2BGateway?

Today’s employment climate brings a lot of challenges to both employee and employer. Employers want to select the best people to work for them, but employees want to select the best company to work for.  There are environmental work trends that the current work force look for prior to making employment decisions.  Employees want their workplace to be challenging but also fun, friendly and rewarding.

Unfortunately, many employers are not accustomed to putting much thought into anything other than providing traditional employment benefits (salary, some medical benefits, maybe a retirement plan, a desk, maybe an office, and tools to do your job). How boring.  B2BGateway feels that if you are going to work hard for 8 to 10 hours a day, why not do it in a fun and comfortable atmosphere?

B2BGateway is more than just an EDI & API connectivity solution provider.  We are a company that strives to be the best it can be and we encourage staff to do the same by being themselves, leveraging their own strengths and thinking outside of the box.  We support this by maintaining a culture and atmosphere that drives innovation and creative thought in a fun and positive atmosphere.

The video below is an inside look at the day to day lives of B2BGateway employees with non-scripted responses when asked questions about their jobs and what they thought about working for B2BGateway.  The video also shows a bit of corporate history, tours our new headquarters and provides a window to some of the fun we all have.