Aptean Ross Sig User Conference 2019 Recap
Oct 23

Aptean Ross Sig User Conference 2019 Recap

The B2BGateway team recently sponsored and attended the Aptean Ross SIG (Special Interest Group) conference held in Orlando, FL.  Industries represented in the SIG category include Chemicals, Metals & Natural Products, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and Services. The conference provided Ross users with the opportunity to learn about new developments to the ERP, while allowing them to network and share best practices with fellow users of the platform.  The conference also gave B2BGateway a chance to meet with many of the Ross users that use us as their fully managed EDI solution provider in person, including Hardy Diagnostics, Paradise Tomato, and Flora Inc.

B2BGateway was represented by Chad Hoyle and Mike Creed, on hand to answer any questions, provide guidance, and to offer similar services to non-EDI Ross users. Chad and Mike also conducted a seminar on basic EDI functions, while highlighting key benefits of a fully integrated solution.  After the initial presentation, the B2BGateway team welcomed feedback and suggestions from current users on how to improve and further automate the document flow and discovered a potential opportunity to further streamline our solutions through the utilization of the Aptean EMF module.  We also explored ways to expand our capabilities to other Aptean products in attendance, such as JustFoods and Apprise.

This year we featured an SNES Classic console linked to the monitor at our booth as a way to casually engage attendees in between seminar and focus group sessions, as the team was stationed in the main dining area where users congregated for meals and happy hours. Often times, crowds formed around the booth as attendees paired off for some friendly Mario Kart competitions, and the change of pace from a typical software demo was a welcome one.

B2BGateway is committed to providing the best possible EDI solutions to our Ross SIG clients, and we are looking forward to highlighting the progress made by our development team at next year’s conference.


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