Apr 10

Advantages of adding Advance Ship Notice (ASN) and GS1-128 labels to your EDI supply chain process

labelsQuestion: Hi Roger, my retailer wants me to add Advance Ship Notices and GS1-128 barcode labels to our EDI process. Are there any advantages in doing this for our firm? Or is this all just for the retailer’s benefit?

Answer: It is a common misconception that the addition of the ASN (Advance Ship Notice) and GS1-128 label will only be of benefit to your trading partner and an additional cost to your organization. However, the introduction of an ASN and GS1-128 labels will also have the following advantages for your organization:

  • The ASN and GS1-128 label (formerly known as UCC-128 label) will provide a link to the original PO sent by your trading partner(s).
  • Implementing ASN and GS1-128 labels with your trading partner(s) is not just seen as best business practice, but it will also speed up all shipping and receiving procedures, in turn leading to a faster ‘Order to Payment’ cycle for your organization.
  • The automation of the supply chain with the introduction of ASN and GS1-128 labels will help decrease your manual labor costs and help reduce errors.
  • All ASN and GS1-128 label standards are global – this alleviates confusion from global suppliers with regard to product details, weights and quantities.
  • The ASN and GS1-128 label standards apply throughout the entire supply chain, from raw materials supplier to manufacturer to distributor/wholesaler to end user/retailer.
  • The ASN and GS1-128labels can be used for both inter and intra-company transactions.


B2BGateway.Net has developed a Warehouse Support Site (WSS) for clients to enable the creation of the ASN and the GS1-128 label from the original Purchase Order received. If you would like further information on ASN and GS1-128 label creation and support please check us out online at www.B2BGateway.Net, call (401) 491-9595 x2100 or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net.