Apr 17

3PLs: Automate, automate, automate…

3plsIn Real Estate we are always told the key to success is all about Location, Location, Location! I would like to try and bring this maxim to the world of Third Party Logistics (3PL), where I believe the key to success should be Automate, Automate, Automate!

Having a smooth, successful supply chain operation can be achieved by automating as many tasks as possible. At B2BGateway, we can help 3PLs achieve this by automating the entire business document flow between the 3PL, their clients and their trading partners. By introducing B2BGateway’s cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solutions, 3PLs can eliminate the need to re-key data into their ERP / WMS systems, giving seamless communication between all trading parties. Eliminating the need to re-key data will increase efficiencies, dramatically decrease errors and help contribute to a greater overall bottom line.

B2BGateway.Net has been providing cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solutions since 1999 and we are highly proficient in the EDI X12 200 and 900 transaction sets. As a global organization we can also handle all international recognized data standards (X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, Eancom, Odette, XML, etc.) and all communication protocols (VAN, FTP, FTPs, AS2, etc.). For further details on B2BGateway’s EDI solutions and services for 3PLs, you can check us out online at www.B2BGateway.Net, check out our 3PL flipbook or call (401) 491-9595 x2100.