Marolina Outdoor, Inc.

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“What really stood out to me the most about B2BGateway was all of the different retailers that B2BGateway could work with. Marybeth and Nathan did a great job and were essential in the transition process.” 

Caroline Mojica | Marolina Outdoor, Inc   Huk-fishing-gearNomad-Hunting


Marolina Outdoor, Inc.


Charleston, SC


Hunting & Fishing Apparel



Marolina Outdoor Inc. was founded to bring deep seeded expertise across all outdoor categories to the industry.

OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS: Our unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the needs surrounding the outdoor world created a corporation like no other.

INNOVATIVE: Innovative designs and technologically focused products, create the foundation and bring our core focus of authentic outdoor apparel into the industry.



Marolina Outdoor was struggling with their current EDI Provider as they just weren’t getting the response that they needed. After 3 years, only 2 trading partners were setup. They needed to hunt down a more efficient and reliable EDI solution.


From initial contact with the sales staff, all the way through the setup process, Marolina Outdoor was thrilled with how B2BGateway managed the process of transitioning from their current EDI provider to our NetSuite EDI solution.


Marolina Outdoor is in a much better position then they were six months ago. From a solution standpoint, everything is more efficient. B2BGateway’s client portal is very well organized, keeps everyone all on the same page and everything moving efficiently.

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