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“Using B2BGateway’s EDI solutions paired with their Warehouse Support Site allows us to eliminate 90% of our manual tasks associated with our trading partner relationships.” 

Ryan Craver, CEO |  Commerce-Canal


Commerce Canal


261 Madison Avenue 9th Floor

New York, NY, 10016 USA


Global Agency

(Retail, Distribution, Licensing & eCommerce)



Commerce Canal is a New York City based agency providing retail, distribution, licensing and ecommerce services for over 50 brands (LEGO wear, NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, New Balance, Hanes) across the world.  Distribution includes Amazon, Costco, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Zappo’s and many others.  Our mission is to showcase, protect and enhance our clients’ products whether in brick and mortar stores or online.  Our technology analytics suite include price, feedback, returns and review management tools to prosper in today’s rapidly evolving retail industry.



If you think of doing business with Amazon or Zappos without the use of EDI, there is at least 10 different steps that need to take place before you can invoice.  You would have to upload the catalog, receive and download all of the purchase orders, send it to the warehouse, have the warehouse check inventory and relay the information back to you.  You’d need to create carton labels, prioritize shipping, request a carrier and the list goes on.

Commerce Canal did not have the resources to handle the manual processes necessary to maintain relationships with trading partners like Amazon and Zappos.  Eliminating the manual aspect of these processes was essential.


B2BGateway’s EDI solutions have taken a tremendous burden off of Commerce Canal.  “Using B2BGateway’s EDI solutions paired with their Warehouse Support Site allows us to eliminate 90% of our manual tasks associated with our trading partner relationships”, said Ryan Craver, CEO of Commerce Canal.  This allows them more time to do what they do best.  And that’s making sure that their clients such as LEGO Wear, New Balance, Hanes, MLB and more, are marketed appropriately.


Although Zappos requires EDI, a major benefit to using B2BGateway is that Commerce Canal earned their business.  Commerce Canal was also satisfied that the solution is all web based.  They can monitor all of their EDI relationships through their client portal.  Lastly, it allowed them to become more flexible.  Commerce Canal is now able to publish their inventory directly to their trading partners, which allows them to send purchase orders “off the cuff” if and when they need to.

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