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    If you need to be EDI compliant by a specific date, we can have you actively trading EDI in a very short period of time. We support all US and international EDI Mapping formats (ANSI X-12, EDIFACT, XML, etc.) as well as virtually all accepted EDI transport protocols. Click sign-up to get started today!

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    Cloverhill Food Ingredients Ltd. is Ireland's leading food ingredient supplier working in partnership with retail, bakery, dairy and meat food manufacturing and food service companies.

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EDI Electronic Data Interchange

B2BGateway.Net is a dedicated EDI service provider and has been offering cost-effective, easy to use, cloud-based EDI solutions since the late 1990s. B2BGateway.Net supports all US and International EDI Mapping formats including ANSI X-12, EDIFACT, Tradacom, Odette, XML, etc. as well as virtually all accepted EDI transport protocols including VAN, AS2, SMTP (E-mail), FTP, HTTP, Secure Socket, etc.

In addition to class leading services, B2BGateway.Net provides unparalleled customer service with each fully-integrated client, as they are assigned a dedicated support engineer with 24/7 backup support. We value our understanding of business processes as much as we value our technical knowledge. We provide full-service EDI Training, EDI definition information, and our EDI Specialists are always standing by to assist with any questions our clients may have.

B2BGateway.Net provides EDI services for most accounting / ERP packages. We offer cloud-based, fully-integrated solutions for Netsuite, Sage, QuickBooks, Ross, Intacct and many other accounting / ERP packages. Sign up here and we will have your company EDI compliant in no time.

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  • "EDI is the life blood of the business. Without it, we wouldn't be working with some of the biggest retailers in the world. B2BGateway has been a key partner for PUJ in establishing and growing these relationships."


  • "Price is one of the best things. Not only is it very reasonable, it is also UNCOMPLICATED!"

    Allyson Maurer
    Rochester Meat

  • "Way to go! B2BGateway is a trusted partner for us, and its great to see that official [Built for NetSuite] "seal of approval" so we can use it with our customers when talking about your solution."

    David Farr
    Channel Manager at ERP Guru

  • "Louisa, Yes! We are excited about the changes! Thanks about the ProAdvisor. See what you can do about squeezing in 30 minutes for a lunch before I leave in September, so I can pass by your offices meet everyone and put a face to all the names."

    Cyril Cohen, President
    Cyril's Bakery Company

  • "I wish I heard about B2BGateway before trying other service providers. My project manager, Brian, is very knowledgeable and helpful. The on-boarding process was quick and easy and I love that I'm able to automate my imports!"

    Kyle Green
    Cookwell & Company

  • "B2BGateway, I just want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your fantastic efforts the past two days in regards to the routing request and ASN mappings in addition to all the great work the past few months from David and the development team. Thank you."

    Jeff Pihl
    Let's Gel

  • "Our journey with B2BGateway has been very good thus far. Klone Lab started up very quickly and B2BGateway was able to meet our aggressive timelines for establishing EDI connections set up with key retailers. Partnering with B2BGateway has dramatically reduced our order processing times in an affordable manner and their customized solutions have been a key component in meeting our unique business needs"

    Mark Yates, Director of Logistics
    Klone Lab

  • "B2BGateway staff is extremely knowledgeable with regard to EDI protocols. Their web services know-how paired with DSG's extensive knowledge of Netsuite's intricacies has made it very easy to implement and maintain trading partner relationships for Incase. Adding web services has streamlined the integration process and cut down on time and money."

    Alan Arvin, NetSuite Advisor
    Demand Solutions Group

  • "Beyond the obvious benefits of increased capacity and efficiency, I'm convinced that the time we saved on order processing allowed us to focus more on the process of getting acquainted and proficient with the NetSuite environment. Even if B2BGateway's system 'just worked' from a technical standpoint and nothing more, we'd be a very satisfied customer; the fact, however, is that there's a human element too. Vinnie and the rest of the B2BGateway team have been super accessible and responsive, providing support and customized tools that address our specific business needs"

    Nathan DeLacretaz, Manager of Information Systems
    Greenleaf Book Company

  • "Feedback Sports has had an excellent working relationship with B2BGateway for four years. B2BGateway has provided good service and customer support for us. We run QuickBooks enterprise software and recently started communicating order information and ship confirmations with our 3PL warehouse via EDI through B2BGateway. We have been able to automate the creation of customer invoices through exporting the shipping information directly into QuickBooks."

    Kent Fuller, GM
    Feedback Sports

  • "Even though we have distribution nationally with some very BIG customers, we are still a small business. B2B lets us interact with the BIG guys the way they prefer, via EDI, so they don't have to make any exceptions for us. I would highly recommend B2BGateway. I can't emphasize enough the positive impact B2B and has had on my time, my bookkeeping and ultimately our bottom line!"

    Paula White, CEO
    600lb Gorillas

  • "Prior to using B2B Gateway, I was spending a minimum of 20 hours a week processing invoices, now I literally spend less than 5 minutes. In addition, B2B has eliminated errors due to manual data entry, saving our company $1000s each year. An added bonus is our ability to monitor inventory on a day to day basis due to the timely manner in which our invoices are now being processed."

    Paula White, CEO
    600lb Gorillas

  • "We're always on the lookout for more ways to ease data communication for online retailers and B2BGateway.Net is a great service for that. [...] It's a well-established company that will bring even more experience to our list of partners."

    Jimmy Rodriguez

  • "We initially went with another NetSuite-savvy EDI provider and the experience has been very frustrating: slow, unresponsive, and slow (yes that slow). In desperation we contacted B2BGateway and I wish we had done so a long time ago. EDI is a laborious process by its nature but B2BGateway has made it much easier for us to see what's happening during the setup process. They are also much faster than our other provider."

    Jim Kane, CTO
    Acumen Brands

  • "Since we're a small (but growing) e-commerce company, we rely on third parties to provide EDI services. We initially went with another NetSuite-savvy EDI provider and the experience has been very frustrating: slow, unresponsive, and slow (yes that slow). In desperation we contacted B2BGateway.Net and I wish we had done so a long time ago. EDI is a laborious process by its nature but B2BGateway.Net has made it much easier for us to see what's happening during the setup process. They are also much faster than our other provider. I expect that within the year we will consolidate all of our EDI operations with B2BGateway.Net and we plan on keeping them busy next year as well."

    Jim Kane, CTO
    Acumen Brands

  • "B2BGateway's EDI solution is easy to use and is working very well for us and our clients."

    James O'Doherty
    JOD Foods, Ireland

  • "For more than six years, Kuehne + Nagel's Contract Logistics division has worked with B2BGateway.Net, electronically integrating various business clients into the company's warehouse management system. When I call, I know that I will be greeted with a friendly 'Hello, B2BGateway.Net;' my emails are answered promptly with either an answer or a timeline for when I can expect an answer. In solving problems, no matter the origin, the team goes the distance to work with all parties to resolve them as quickly as possible - and always with a positive attitude."

    Vincent Cercone
    Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.

  • "As a major manufacturer of produce dressings, dips, sauces and beverages Litehouse, Inc. needs a dependable, no-hassle EDI solution. At Litehouse, nearly half of our customers desire or require EDI capability. For nearly 10 years Litehouse, Inc. has looked to B2B Gateway as our EDI solution. We have found the team at B2B to be knowledgeable, professional and even fun to work with! Over the years, B2B has helped us to resolve a vast array of EDI challenges. I have yet to contact my representative at B2B with a new challenge that they've been unable to resolve for us. B2B allows us to stay out of the "technical jungle" of EDI and stay focused on providing top quality products and service to our customers. Additionally, we get to reap the benefits of EDI without the headaches!"

    Megan Owens - Sr. Systems Analyst
    Litehouse Inc.

  • "Food Innovations has been working with B2BGateway since 2009, our company was rapidly expanding during this period and we needed to move onto EDI. We found the set up an extremely smooth process, the support has been fantastic and customer service levels are high at all times"

    Lisa Adamson
    Food Innovations, UK

  • "We have been working with B2BGateway.Net for the past 5 years and they're our EDI provider of choice. Their customer service philosophy, commitment to a complete business solution and dedication to thorough customer satisfaction aligns with the same expectations Demand Solutions Group sets with our customers. Their ability to deal with complex challenges while offering cost effective solutions makes our relationship a perfect fit. I would highly recommend B2BGateway.Net to any vendor with EDI integration needs."

    Todd Fitzwater
    Demand Solutions Group

  • "B2BGateway does such a great job that we just don't have the problems that we had with our former provider. Thanks for the great job!"

    Johnny Massey
    Carpenter Sales, Inc.

  • "B2BGateway was chosen to integrate our electronic orders from multiple vendors into our system. They have made our transition very easy and simplified our processes within a short amount of time. We are very pleased with the ease of use and the excellent support we have received."

    Jessica Weddle
    PediPed Footware

  • "B2BGateway has been a major advantage for us. Our customers include Wal-Mart, Target, Rite-Aid and other major retailers and with the help and support offered by B2BGateway we are able to keep up with their expectations and requirements."

    Mark Espenship
    Similisan USA

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